Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Happened to Our Promises?

NP: DATI by Sam Conception

It was 3 years already since you said your promise....
You promised you'll wait for me no matter how long it will take. You said you'll court me when we're in legal age and when we already have our degrees.
I still remember our chats, your wall posts, all those sweet words you've said and the memories we shared together which made me fall in love with you, deeply.
I believed in you. I believed in everything you said. You weren't my first love but I loved you. I planned my future with you. 

You'll be my driver, right? Because drivers are sweet lovers. Haha. Do you still remember that? Because I do.
I promised that I'll wait for you, right? And I'm willing to do that.


After all those memories we've shared and the trials we've overcome together, you're going away. Have you already let me go? Because I haven't let you. You already moved on, didn't you? Then what about me? Have you consider my feelings? Last time we talked we agreed to just let things be. Right. That's it. You even said we are not the same just like before. And you're being linked to other girl. Maybe your feelings for me already faded. Don't worry I know you loved me too back then. And I thank you for the happiness and lessons you've brought to me. I'm just hoping and waiting here without assurance. And I cannot blame you with that.
These are words left unspoken. I don't have the guts say these things to you. Will you ever read this post? Maybe no. Maybe yes. But when? When you already have girlfriend? Please just be happy. I know you are. Even without me.

I'll move on. I swear. It may take time but I will. And I hope this time, I'll succeed.

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