Saturday, July 26, 2014

UPM Crushes.... Wait what?

One rainy evening, my blockmate mentioned me on Twitter telling me that I have secret admirer. I laugh. I was like: 'WHAT? I HAVE NO IDEA DUDE' I asked her why and where and how did she thought I have an admirer. Then she sends me the screenshot of the post in UPM Crushes. Oh my!

Ayoko mag-assume. Wala rin talaga akong idea kung sino man magcoconfess sa page na yon. Seryoso kaya ito? If ever man, crush lang naman diba? :)

"Hi Anonymous. Thank you ha. Seryoso ba yung post na ito? When will you confess to me? Hahaha chos, makikilala rin kita. OH BTW, SANA NGA MAS MAGING CLOSE PA TAYO SA PASUKAN ^_^ xxxxx SEE YOU SOON!"

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