Monday, July 28, 2014

To My Bestfriend

Here's to the bestest bestfriend ever! Hi to my Bhest / Sissy / Twin / Cabrito / BEBANG!

First of all, I'm so thankful to have a bestfriend like you. When I first saw you four years ago in our classroom, I thought you're snobber and masungit. But I'm wrong. As time goes by, especially when we got into the same group of friends which is 9TF, I realized you're kind, understanding, responsible and talented person.
How our friendship started? I think we got close to each other when we go home from school and it's just that we are on the same way. I remember during our freshmen year, we rode a jeep from UE going to LETRE with your mom and we are talking about my first crush, who is already into other girl. I was disappointed that time then you said there are other hot cuties in our university, which I agreed to. :)

We have lots of similarities. They said we look like each other. Aside from that, we love jokes, we love scrapbooking, we love reading novels and stories in Wattpad and we care about our academics because we don't want to disappoint our families.

Our differences? Well, we have different preferred type of guy. We NEVER EVER have crush on the same person at the same time. And that's a big advantage. LOL. I'm a probinsyana girl and you're the Manila girl. You're rich and I'm on the average. Haha ;)
Well, we faced misunderstandings too. Mostly about acads? Because being in the science-based section is a competition. But well it's over. As time goes by, we learned to help each other and not compete, right? I'm so sorry for my shortcomings and selfishness sometimes. I'm sorry. :( We also have misunderstandings about little things when we got into rumors blah blah, and about leaving me during break time. HAHAHA LOLS.

You were there in times I wanted to tell my stories: When I got awards, when I joined contest, when I faced problems in my acads and family and for everything that happened in my four years that we were bestfriends. THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening and understanding. If I'm wrong, you wouldn't tolerate me. On the other hand, you'll cheer me up when I'm down. You never ceased to listen to my dramas especially to my epic love story! HAHAHA if you know what I mean. ;) Even up to now, we're into different universities. But still, you visit me in our house, make chikas and communicate regularly. :*


PS: To Patricia, Ana, Rhoan, Mhille and etc., don't be jealous. I LOVE YOU ALL GIRLS! :) xoxoxoxo

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