Tuesday, July 29, 2014

'Love' is Like a 'Beauty Soap'

I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries when I cross the soap sections. I saw different brands of beauty soap. Belo, Skin White, Silka, Seriously White by Splash, Palmolive, Safeguard, Dove and etc.
I recall the brands' advertisements  showing how good that product is to your skin. I'm using Dove that time. I don't even have pimples. But I want something new. I  decided to try Belo, Silka and Palmolive to see if they're better for me. Of course one at a time. But I got pimples since I tried them! So I returned to using Dove and yeah, we're really in good terms. NOTE: This is not endorsement u know. Haha.
I remember our TLE lesson last year: KNOW WHAT TYPE is your skin and CHOOSE WHAT'S BEST AND COMPATIBLE TO YOU.

Just like in love. No matter how good-looking and handsome those other guys you see, if they're not meant for you then you're not compatible with each other.

If you are stable with whom you have right now, then be contented and don't look and search for others.


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