Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Imperfect but Still Blessed

I admit I have a lot of flaws and imperfections. But there are things I'm still thankful to have.

Physically, my face is somewhat wide, my height is below average and my body's not sexy. At least I'm healthy. I have two eyes that can see, two ears that can hear, two hands, a nose that can smell, a tounge that can taste. For short, my body's complete and can function. And I thank God for that.

My family's not rich too. We can't buy expensive clothes, shoes, vehicles and jewelries. But we afford to eat 3 or more times a day. We have shelter and own house too. We have nice clothes to wear. We afford to go to mall and amusement parks to bond together and have fun. We afford to buy gadgets. And some basic necessities. We may not be rich and famous, but we're happy and complete. And I thank God for that. For having this kind of family. They're not perfect but I love them. They're always there to support me in spite of everything.

I have good friends too, who listens to my stories. I've never been bullied in school. I never failed my subjects because I don't want to disappoint my parents.

I don't have boyfriend but I have my brother and cousins too. They're enough for now. I know I'll find that someone soon.
I'm happy for what I have now. And I'm thankful for these blessings. I'm contented with it but still, I have dreams too. I wanted to have my own house, car, clothes and live happily with my partner. That's what every girls dream, right? I dream of that too. Someday.. Yeah someday... :)

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