Thursday, November 27, 2014


Months passed since I posted my last blog, and my problems in academics, lovelife, and etc. gets worse. I never felt this kind of feeling before. I used to be carefree, happy-go-luck girl, and felt special to people around me. I used to catch everyone's attention and think I'm very special to them. I used to be praised in my achievements in academics. I used to be loved by someone deeply. I used to be a kid who can buy whatever she wants or whatever she loves to have. I used to be known as an almost perfect type.

I don't know what I did to deserve these trials. I'm down, feeling down, but I don't want my loved ones to get worried by these dramas again. But I just can't contain all my feelings and emotions inside. I don't know what to do anymore....

Somebody please rescue me from this disaster I am facing.........

"I can't unlove you, I just love you in a different way now, kupsitabs. What happened to our "Walang Iba"? To our forever? To our "I will wait for you" promises? Why am I hoping that our love will still continue in the future? Did our love really ended? How can we let it be? Should I just hold on or give up? Do you ever visit my accounts? Do you ever think of me?
I miss you. I miss how you makes my day complete. I miss your compliments. Your smiles. Your voice. I miss you so much.

I wonder if I ever cross your mind, for me it happens every time."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Can u feel the feel

I will keep this post short and simple. I just want to express what I'm feeling right now.

First, in my academics, I still don't know if I'll shift to my first choice course next year or stay with my course right now.
Next, I'm feeling like I'm the dumbest student slash cuckoo-brainy in our university. Huhuhuhu. My schoolmates are so smart, sporty, active, talented... but what happened... to me? :'(
Plus so many things to do.
Another one is that, I'm missing my high school friends.
And I'm missing him... again. That guy, when will he go out of my heart? Will I live forever like this, stupidly loving him from afar.... Assuming that he might feel the same as mine. Until when, Ela? ?Until when will you end this stupidity?

Geeez I badly hate this feeling,


Saturday, August 30, 2014

I will come back here to blog when I have time :) hihi. Take care everyone! God bless ^_^


WARNING: This post is true-to-life story and somehow dramatic. I just want to express what I'm feeling right now. Because I can't understand myself and I don't want my family nor friends to be disturbed by this nonsense drama. This may include lots of grammatical and typographical errors. Hahahaha if you're going to judge, please don't read it anyway! You don't have to care, bits.

So here it goes....................

One reason why I'm so excited to go to college when I was on high school is that I'll have new environment, new schoolmates, new friends and a huge possibility for me to have a new crush which will help me to move on with my past. That reason is stupid, right? Yeah, I know.

PS: This guy is not my ex-boyfriend. We're not even officially MU (mutual understanding); but one thing that I'm sure of is, we loved each other. 

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Dear XYZ, 

I admit you weren't my type of guy in the first place, and I won't elaborate it either. Why? Because I don't care. When you fell in love, you'll set aside all the expectations and qualifications.

WE HAVE LOVED EACH OTHER back then for 3 years. We had a lot of good and happy memories together, that I definitely treasure until now. We faced a lot of trials and problems too, which we all have passed through. 

Tough times, happy times, we are so young when this started. But the happiness you've caused to me is truly immeasurable and one of the best feelings in this world. Yes, you've hurt me and I've cried at times because of you but I think that's inevitable. And I don't blame you for that. Shit happens a LOT of times but when things go wrong and we talked about it, we'll try our best to save this relationship and everything will be okay.

You became one of my strengths and my inspirations. You're one of the reasons why I smile and keep going. You taught me how to cross the street, you told me things about places (which I'm not good at remembering them), and you taught me how to love, truely madly and deeply which in the first place I never expected that it will happen.

You're my sweetest downfall. My friends told me I'm so weak when it comes to you, but I don't care. You're my happiness and sadness. And it's hard for me to live without those two.

We shared our deepest secrets because we trust each other. I still remember our promises, our plans together in the future like our first date in Paris and the thing that you'll be my driver because I'm not good in places and because you're a sweet lover. Do you still remember that? Will we still able to make those things happen? Well, I don't know. I really don't know.

As time goes by, the ultra mega happiness and our love fades. Have you regretted that you had crush on me and that you fell in love with me? Do you realize now that you're blinded back then because you also don't know why you'll choose me? Maybe now your eyes are open. You're tall, handsome, good in playing basketball, singing and that kind of heart throb. And I'm one of those simple girls in our campus which maybe referred to as a nerd, small, wannabe and etc. Ever since you had crush on that chick batchmate in our campus, I'm being compared to her, I heard a lot of things about her, we barely talk and your attention is being diverted. What did I do wrong? Am I not enough? Those are the questions I can't ask you before. Why? Simply because, we're just friends. We're not committed to each other. And of course, I don't have a right to demand. To tell you what to do and what not to do. 

I have let you go a lot of times because of too much pain, but you're always coming back to me. And I admit that letting you go is not that easy. I have tried to move on a lot of times but I always end up loving you, again. It's kind of a cycle: 
1. Shit happens -->    2. We'll let go of each other   --->    3. We'll move on and become strangers --->          4. We'll miss each other --->        5. We'll talked and try to save this relationship and will love each other again.   --->     6.Repeat number 1.

During our overnight in our classmate's house after the graduation, we have talked about everything and we settled all of them. Everything's okay. All the shits were forgotten and we're looking forward to a bright future. All we have to do is to wait. Wait for the perfect time.

Summer vacation and shit happens again. Misunderstanding. Lack of communication. SHIT. A total bullshit. I'm kinda jealous to that girl you're being linked to. I heard that you liked her too. Then what about me again? You barely talked to me. Our conversations were so short. I was like: "Hi, I exist. Can you message me? I'm alive. What about you? Have you forgotten me? Am I an option? Who am I to you?" Of course, I'm just a friend of yours.

I'm tired of everything that's too painful. We decided to let it be. It's not a breakup because there's no commitment or something. It's something I thought of as "It's the end".  I thought this time would be the easiest ending, because we'll go to different universities. I thought I'll forget you in a short period of time, because we'll not be able to see each other more often. Those were what I expected.

But I'm wrong.

I can't run away with my feelings.

Why am I still thinking about you? Why do I compare you with my blockmate that has a great sense of humor as you? I even have a blockmate who has the same first name as you. Every time I see guys in our campus --- I'm wishing that it was you. I miss you. A lot. Why is it hard for me to move on? Why is it still you? Why can't I forget you? What did I do wrong? Why am I holding on to something which I know has been gone and will never go back? Am I being stupid this much? 

We have talked this week after so many months we thought we're strangers and I admit it feels good. I miss your presence. You even open up a topic I badly hate -- It's Katie. That bitch. Has she never been tired of being after you? Of making landi HAHAHA. That girl is so annoying. She'll never stop. I can't do anything about that. The best thing to do for you is to avoid her, if you want her to stop flirting with you. Well, I'm not this protective. I'm just thinking of your next girl. I don't want her to be bothered to see his guy being flirted by that bitch. It's too annoying for your next girl. HAHAHA should I kill Katie for you? LOL

Oh how I wish it was still me, your one and only. Can we go back to the good old days?
Damn, I see couples everywhere. Am I holding on to old feelings? Or I just haven't found new ones yet?

I miss you. A lot. Take care always, okay? Zhutem. xx

Yours truly,

Friday, August 29, 2014

College Friends

My beloved blockmates-- BA Social Science (Area Studies Major)

I enjoyed my one month stay in UPM because of them. To my 29 blockmates, we're all this together! Never give up! We can do it! :) Our journey has just begun! :) AJA! It may be our last year together (because most of us wants to shift to pre-med courses nex year) so we should love and support each other! Haha <3

Feeling hopeful

It's been almost a month since my last post. I'm just busy with schoolworks and thingies :( 
So my college life has just begun. Unexpected things happened. I met new friends. New professors. New environment. Being in the premier state university in our country is something to be proud of, but it's something that is not easy to handle. We have poor facilities, not-so-good buildings, no internet connection anywhere in the campus, and not even a small canteen; however, in this type of environment, as time goes by, I and my blockmates, being in our first year in UPM, learned how to adapt to these imperfections, as we have the best professors and schoolmates in our campus.
Trials and challenges are parts of our life. Yes, they are, right? It is up to ourselves how we deal with them -positively or negatively, and how we are affected by them - constructively or destructively. My journey has just started, and surely there would be more happenings and obstacles that I will encounter. But I know, there are a lot of people loving and supporting me. And of course, our great Lord will never let me down :)

God bless :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Your thinking creates a pathway to success or failure.”

My homework in Communication I. Please give me suggestions before I pass it :) 

“Your thinking creates a pathway to success or failure.”
– President Harry S. Truman
Psychology says “Happy people are more creative, can solve problems faster, and tend to be more mentally alert”. The result is like a mirror to your thoughts: it is the reflection of what you’re thinking. Your thoughts form your character, how you act and how you respond on something. You are what you think you are and all of your actions proceed from thought. Your inner thoughts will always be reflected in your outer circumstances, because self-generated changes in your life are always preceded by changes in the way you think about something.
Positivity leads to success, while negativity leads to failure. Optimism maximizes potential as pessimism squashes it. Optimists see possibility as pessimists see problems. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you. In the past, I have thought negatively and positively at times. Whenever I thought of the negative things that might happen at the moment, I’m scared of what would be the outcome and I already wanted to give up. However, every time I thought of the positive things, there is hope in me that I can make it and God will help me in every circumstance I encounter.
If decisions are choices, and our thinking dictates our decisions—then we are where we are because of our thinking.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Imperfect but Still Blessed

I admit I have a lot of flaws and imperfections. But there are things I'm still thankful to have.

Physically, my face is somewhat wide, my height is below average and my body's not sexy. At least I'm healthy. I have two eyes that can see, two ears that can hear, two hands, a nose that can smell, a tounge that can taste. For short, my body's complete and can function. And I thank God for that.

My family's not rich too. We can't buy expensive clothes, shoes, vehicles and jewelries. But we afford to eat 3 or more times a day. We have shelter and own house too. We have nice clothes to wear. We afford to go to mall and amusement parks to bond together and have fun. We afford to buy gadgets. And some basic necessities. We may not be rich and famous, but we're happy and complete. And I thank God for that. For having this kind of family. They're not perfect but I love them. They're always there to support me in spite of everything.

I have good friends too, who listens to my stories. I've never been bullied in school. I never failed my subjects because I don't want to disappoint my parents.

I don't have boyfriend but I have my brother and cousins too. They're enough for now. I know I'll find that someone soon.
I'm happy for what I have now. And I'm thankful for these blessings. I'm contented with it but still, I have dreams too. I wanted to have my own house, car, clothes and live happily with my partner. That's what every girls dream, right? I dream of that too. Someday.. Yeah someday... :)

What Happened to Our Promises?

NP: DATI by Sam Conception

It was 3 years already since you said your promise....
You promised you'll wait for me no matter how long it will take. You said you'll court me when we're in legal age and when we already have our degrees.
I still remember our chats, your wall posts, all those sweet words you've said and the memories we shared together which made me fall in love with you, deeply.
I believed in you. I believed in everything you said. You weren't my first love but I loved you. I planned my future with you. 

You'll be my driver, right? Because drivers are sweet lovers. Haha. Do you still remember that? Because I do.
I promised that I'll wait for you, right? And I'm willing to do that.


After all those memories we've shared and the trials we've overcome together, you're going away. Have you already let me go? Because I haven't let you. You already moved on, didn't you? Then what about me? Have you consider my feelings? Last time we talked we agreed to just let things be. Right. That's it. You even said we are not the same just like before. And you're being linked to other girl. Maybe your feelings for me already faded. Don't worry I know you loved me too back then. And I thank you for the happiness and lessons you've brought to me. I'm just hoping and waiting here without assurance. And I cannot blame you with that.
These are words left unspoken. I don't have the guts say these things to you. Will you ever read this post? Maybe no. Maybe yes. But when? When you already have girlfriend? Please just be happy. I know you are. Even without me.

I'll move on. I swear. It may take time but I will. And I hope this time, I'll succeed.

Feelings Speak the Loudest

They say "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" . And I agree to this quotation. To see is to believe, right? We can say what we want to say, but we must do to make it true .

I may not say it. I may not do anything to prove it. But even before I realize, my feelings is already showing my love for you. The way I look at you. The way I speak to you. My heart is shouting your name. Can you feel it too? I'm a coward for not voicing it out and for not showing it. I'm afraid of rejection. But I love you. I love you from afar and I love those smiles of yours even though I'm not with you. I'll wait for my time. If destiny will give me a chance, then I will let you see and realize how big is my love for you.

(I wrote this in my diary last January 2013)

Haba ng Hair

Paglabas ko kanina sa supermarket. Medyo marami akong dala. Then may 3 sidecar drivers doon na nag-aalok na sumakay ako ng sidecar.
"Ate sidecar ka na" SC1
"Ate Tugatog po!" SC2
"Dami mong dala miss. Sakay ka na."
Eh syempre umuulan plus ang dami ko pang pinamili edi gusto ko na talaga magsidecar. Tapos nag-unahan sila. Parang gusto na nga magbanggan e. Sasakay na sana ako sa nasa harapan kaso parang pinipilit ako nung dalawa na sa kanila na lang sumakay. Nagsimula na silang magmurahan. Huhuhu
Sobrang hirap mamili noh! Baka magtampo pa yung dalawa.
Anong ginawa ko? Naglakad na lang ako. Kung pwede ko lang kasi hatiin yung katawan ko sa tatlo para quits sila. Kung mayaman lang ako edi sana nagbayad na ako sa kanilang lahat para walang away. Para walang masaktan. Kaya ayun. Nagtiyaga na lang ako maglakad pauwi.

Dear kuya sidecar drivers,
Sorry po tinakbuhan ko kayo kanina. Hirap po kasing mamili. Pinaasa ko yata kayo. Lol. Sana po kapag may naunang makakuha ng pasahero sa inyo magpaubaya na yung iba. Huwag mag-away at magmurahan dahil don. May darating pa naman dyan. Hintay hintay lang :)
#Random #Kalokohan

'Love' is Like a 'Beauty Soap'

I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries when I cross the soap sections. I saw different brands of beauty soap. Belo, Skin White, Silka, Seriously White by Splash, Palmolive, Safeguard, Dove and etc.
I recall the brands' advertisements  showing how good that product is to your skin. I'm using Dove that time. I don't even have pimples. But I want something new. I  decided to try Belo, Silka and Palmolive to see if they're better for me. Of course one at a time. But I got pimples since I tried them! So I returned to using Dove and yeah, we're really in good terms. NOTE: This is not endorsement u know. Haha.
I remember our TLE lesson last year: KNOW WHAT TYPE is your skin and CHOOSE WHAT'S BEST AND COMPATIBLE TO YOU.

Just like in love. No matter how good-looking and handsome those other guys you see, if they're not meant for you then you're not compatible with each other.

If you are stable with whom you have right now, then be contented and don't look and search for others.


Monday, July 28, 2014

To My Bestfriend

Here's to the bestest bestfriend ever! Hi to my Bhest / Sissy / Twin / Cabrito / BEBANG!

First of all, I'm so thankful to have a bestfriend like you. When I first saw you four years ago in our classroom, I thought you're snobber and masungit. But I'm wrong. As time goes by, especially when we got into the same group of friends which is 9TF, I realized you're kind, understanding, responsible and talented person.
How our friendship started? I think we got close to each other when we go home from school and it's just that we are on the same way. I remember during our freshmen year, we rode a jeep from UE going to LETRE with your mom and we are talking about my first crush, who is already into other girl. I was disappointed that time then you said there are other hot cuties in our university, which I agreed to. :)

We have lots of similarities. They said we look like each other. Aside from that, we love jokes, we love scrapbooking, we love reading novels and stories in Wattpad and we care about our academics because we don't want to disappoint our families.

Our differences? Well, we have different preferred type of guy. We NEVER EVER have crush on the same person at the same time. And that's a big advantage. LOL. I'm a probinsyana girl and you're the Manila girl. You're rich and I'm on the average. Haha ;)
Well, we faced misunderstandings too. Mostly about acads? Because being in the science-based section is a competition. But well it's over. As time goes by, we learned to help each other and not compete, right? I'm so sorry for my shortcomings and selfishness sometimes. I'm sorry. :( We also have misunderstandings about little things when we got into rumors blah blah, and about leaving me during break time. HAHAHA LOLS.

You were there in times I wanted to tell my stories: When I got awards, when I joined contest, when I faced problems in my acads and family and for everything that happened in my four years that we were bestfriends. THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening and understanding. If I'm wrong, you wouldn't tolerate me. On the other hand, you'll cheer me up when I'm down. You never ceased to listen to my dramas especially to my epic love story! HAHAHA if you know what I mean. ;) Even up to now, we're into different universities. But still, you visit me in our house, make chikas and communicate regularly. :*


PS: To Patricia, Ana, Rhoan, Mhille and etc., don't be jealous. I LOVE YOU ALL GIRLS! :) xoxoxoxo

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Me every period:

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Periods are the worst time of the month for females. We feel like we’re dying, we hate everyone and everything, work isn’t optional and all we want to do is crawl into our beds and never come out. Our guy friends, boyfriends and dads can’t feel our pain, but all of the women in our lives can relate.

We love to bitch about our periods, regardless of the fact that we’ve been dealing with them every month since we were 13(ish). It doesn’t matter; girls love to complain and love to have people who will listen. Bitching about your period basically ensures a great audience.
We have a love/hate relationships with our periods because it’s an excuse to eat whatever we want and to be a huge bitch, to sum it all up. No? Just me? No way.
More of that later. What are the most common phrases women say to one another during this terrible time? Check it out: Things Every Girl Said While She's On Her Period

PS: Those two sites are not affiliated with me. Just sharing! :)

On my Way to Nirvana

It was featured on our school newspaper this year. Comments, suggestions, criticisms, please please... 
(This is the original one. Our school newspaper adviser edited this and I don't have that copy)

On my Way to Nirvana
by Richanela G. Flores

I still remember when we all filed into this classroom four years ago. We looked playful,young girls and boys. But now, we’re all matured, grown-up ladies and gentlemen.

Ups and downs; friends and enemies; smiles and tears; and victories and trials are part of my journey. There are a lot of things that took place, and surely there are so many changes that happened to me--- physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

I’m writing this piece for you, my dear younger earthlings, to share some of the lessons I learned in my high school life.

“Everything happens for a reason.” As we grow older, things seem more complicated than the past. Challenges and trials are inevitable. Trials come for a reason we don’t know. We fail in some subjects, lose in some competitions; however, life goes on. Go with the flow. That’s it. Worrying, crying, bragging, and over thinking make no sense at all. Enjoy your journey, face the challenges, trust God, do your best, and you’ll see how great life is.

“Do not compare yourself to other people.” We don’t know what other people are going through, so we shouldn’t judge them. Don’t envy what other kids have. Count your blessings instead. Enjoy and treasure what you have at the moment.

“No man is an island.” You’re not alone! Get along well with others! Find good friends.It’s either they inspire you or you’re the one to inspire them. They are your brothers and sisters in school. 

“True love waits.  In the long run, you’ll  meet different people. Surely, you’ll  admire some of them. Crush? That’s normal in teenagers. Boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship?In my opinion, there’s nothing bad in that, as long as it serves as inspiration in your studies and everyday life. However, don’t focus too much in love. You’re too young to be stressed in that thing. YOLO(You only live once)! There is this right person destined for you in the right time and for that perfect reason. All you have to do is to wait.

“Be yourself.”  Don’t change who you are just because people tell you to do so. You are yourself. You are unique.

“Don’t rush things.” Great things take time. Be quick, but don’t hurry. Never force things into happening. Let everything fall into place just how it should, on its own. If it’s meant to happen, it  will  eventually happen. Let things happen naturally and you will notice how much happier you will be when they happen unexpectedly. 

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” Opportunity knocks once,so grab it. Some things are meant to be your first and last. Second chances are rare, so use your first chance wisely. 

“Today is never too late to start something new.” Nobody’s perfect. If you fail today,there’s always tomorrow. 

I know that we should never have regrets. We should live life to the fullest and just go for it. But once in my life, I actually do regret. It is something that I continually thought about and hoped to change to make it better. However, after it ended, I learned so much about myself and know the value of the lesson it brought. I never thought that I would have that opportunity. We should just learn from our experiences and move on instead of regretting it.

People make mistakes, and that’s normal. Some of us wishes to turn back time just to correct or delete the mistakes we’ve done. If only there is a time machine that we can use to go back in the past just to edit or delete those not-so-good happenings in our lives, we would purchase and use those time machines. However, those time machines just exist in fictional stories, cartoons, and movies. Time is very precious in the fact that we can’t get and buy it anywhere, so we should use and consume it wisely. We should put and exert our best for every opportunity that came in our lives, because some chances given to us is just now or never.

If God can forgive people for their countless sins, why do some people can’t forgive others and give them second chance? Don’t they think that the second time will work out better than the first since people already learned their lesson in the first one?

I do believe that we all need second chances. Nobody’s perfect. I may be in my 700th second chance right now, but I’m not ashamed to admit it. Because even though I have failed a lot, it means I have tried a lot, too.

We rarely get things right in the first time. Almost every major accomplishment in a person’s life starts with trying again and again in spite of difficulties, discouragement, and obstacles we encounter.

They say that the only difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is attitude. Getting a second chance in life is about giving yourself the opportunity to grow beyond your past failures. It’s about positively adjusting your attitude toward future possibilities.

When people struggle, it makes them stronger in the end. I am lucky to be still alive today, and I am grateful for what I have now and who I am.

A quote from Dawn Stanyon that inspires me a lot: “It’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to do something that you wish you hadn’t done, because if you hadn’t done those things, you never grow.”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

UPM Crushes.... Wait what?

One rainy evening, my blockmate mentioned me on Twitter telling me that I have secret admirer. I laugh. I was like: 'WHAT? I HAVE NO IDEA DUDE' I asked her why and where and how did she thought I have an admirer. Then she sends me the screenshot of the post in UPM Crushes. Oh my!

Ayoko mag-assume. Wala rin talaga akong idea kung sino man magcoconfess sa page na yon. Seryoso kaya ito? If ever man, crush lang naman diba? :)

"Hi Anonymous. Thank you ha. Seryoso ba yung post na ito? When will you confess to me? Hahaha chos, makikilala rin kita. OH BTW, SANA NGA MAS MAGING CLOSE PA TAYO SA PASUKAN ^_^ xxxxx SEE YOU SOON!"

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Kind of Boy

This is one of the trends in Facebook years ago....

Here's mine :) Hahaha

If you're a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
If you're a girl - post this as "my kind of boy"

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
As much as possible, yes. But it's not a requirement. ;)

2. Smart?

3. Preferred age?
1-3 years older than me

4. Preferred height?
Taller than me

5. How about sense of humor?

6. How about piercings? 

7. Accepts you for who you are?

8. Pink hair?
9. Mushy or no?

10. Thin or fat?
In between. Average lang.

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
Brown or white

12. Long hair or short hair?

13. Plastic or metal?

14. Smells good?

15. Smoker?

16. Drinker?

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?

18. Muscular
Not much
19. Plays piano?
As much as possible, yes. ;)

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
As much as possible, yes. ;)

21. Plays violin?
As much as possible, yes. ;)

22. Sings very good?

23. Vain? 
24. With glasses?
Okay lang.
25. With braces?
Okay lang.

26. Shy type?

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
Good :>

28. Active or passive?

29. Tight or bomb?

30. Singer or dancer?
Both or any of the two. :)

32. Hiphop?

33. Earrings?

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girl/boyfriends-until-you-drop?

35. Dimples?

36. Bookworm?

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

38. Playful

39. Flirt?

40. Poem writer?

41. Shorter than you?
42. Campus crush?

43. Painter?

44. Religious?

45. Someone who likes to tease people?

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?

47. Speaks 20 languages?
Depende. Yes kung tuturuan niya ako. Nope kung hindi ko maintindihansinasabi niya. HAHAHA.

48. Loyal or faithful?

49. Good kisser?

50. Loves children?
Yes naman

All of us has this 'IDEAL PARTNER', right? :)
Well, the one above is my kind of boy. Does this kind exist? I don't know. It doesn't matter if a guy has all the characteristics I like naman e. What I really want and need is a person who'll love and accept me wholeheartedly.



So my blog was created this day, July 25, 2014. I hope you'll bear with my posts which mostly contain my photos. Other posts dated before this date were some of the unforgettable memories/happenings in my life, that's why I included it here. I will update them soon and give a good description when I have time. However, the posts after this date will be my recent posts and was really intended to post in this blog. Thank you! :)

Friday, June 6, 2014


I'm one of the chosen Alfonso Yuchengco Fundation-National Discipline Awardees all over the Philippines.
I got a chance to mingle with fellow AYF-NDA @ RCBC Plaza too! Yayyy :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UPM BASS and BABS freshies


Campus tour after enrollment :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

RCDM Tribute to Valedictorians

  1. I got a chance to mingle with fellow NCR valedictorians @ Century Park Hotel.
  2. Food + Medal + Freebies + New friends = Happiness!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


"Being a teenager is complicated because we are treated like children and expected to act like adults." -Anonymous
This stage of adolescence is very awesome wherein we meet different faces in this world, make good friends, have crush on someone, do lots of first times in our lives and etcetera, but at the same time, we face harder challenges that a band aid can't heal anymore.
Nowadays, some of the teenagers were being bullied in school, being pressured by their parents in their academic performance and being criticized by other people.
CRITICISM - the act of expressing disapproval and of noting the faults of a person. People nowadays will criticize you most of the time based on the way you look, the way you speak and the way you dress. Some teenagers think they're not beautiful due to their less-than-a-hundred Facebook likes of the photos they've posted. Some teenagers are being seriously blinded by love at very young age in the point that they're willing to give everything just for their partner.
Social media and technology make our generation a lot different from previous generations. However, WE SHOULD LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, TRUST GOD'S PLANS AND DON'T RUSH THINGS, RIGHT? :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

College Adjustments & Dilemma

When I was in high school, I always want to fast forward the time. So I can be on college level. I thought it would be easier because you'll be more independent. Just like what my older cousins said.
But for me, entering college is really HARD.
First, I will be distant from my bestfriend and high school friends. I'll miss them so badly :(
Second, too many expenses. I'll pay school's tuition fee twice a year. Miscelllaneous fees. Allowance. Books. Fare :3
Third, there are lots of changes. 'Teacher' is now 'Prof'. 'Classmates' is now 'Blockmates'. 'Principal' is now 'Dean'. No more PTA meetings. Enlistment of subjects depending on your course.
Fourth, you'll take college entrance exams on the school that you want to enter.
TIP: Take the entrance exams of your top 3 schools. More choices, the better! Remember, taking UPCAT, USTET and etc is once in a lifetime :)
Lastly, you'll choose the course that you like and excel the most.
Well in my case, I took USTET, UPCAT and UECET. Fortunately, I pass them all. However, in UP, I wasn't able to get my first choice of course which is BS Biology. However, in UE and UST, I can enter any of my two choices of course and I, being a valedictorian was given full scholarship only for the first semester. We all know that UP is one of the best schools in our country, right? It is my dream school too. I refuse to accept the scholarship offered to me by UE and UST, but the dilemma is that the course I got in UP is not what I want. Well, my 4th choice to be exact :( Being  a state university, there were only limited slots and the registrar told me I can shift after a year if and only if MY GRADES WERE GOOD. I'm dumbfounded. I envy my classmates who got their preferred choice in their dream school.
I'm thankful to those Freshman Block Coordinators and to my parents who encouraged me to go to UP. Sobrang hirap makapasok dito and I'm blessed to pass the exam without entering UPCAT review centers. Taking the risk is not bad. Who knows? What if the course I got is really the one for me? I'm determined. I want to go to my dream school, do my best to enter the course that I want and succeed in the future. :))
For now, I'm motivated because of my family. I want to become a doctor someday. Lord, help me po. I know You're with me always.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Graduation (High School)

With Papa and Mama


With my bestfriend ^_^

With my seatmate for four years! Lol

With Ma'am Clauds

With Ma'am Jen


Brother kupsi lol

Maxwell Family

Went to Shakey's with fam to celebrate hihi

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Short Story: My Favorite Fruit

February 11 ngayon :"""))
Monthsary ng 9TF (9 True Friends) - Ang unique ng name noh? Hahahahahahaha lol XD
Yan ang group name naming magbebespwets. ;)
At siyempre, kapag may ganitong okasyon.....
Bonding bonding din :)
Narito kami sa field ng school namin ngayon.
Parang nagpipicnic. Buti na lang shorten ang schedule. May meeting yata ang mga teachers.
Kaya 2pm pa lang, nakatambay na kami. :)
Walang humpay na tawanan, usapan, kwentuhan, hagikgikan at kainan kaya naman sumasakit na ang aking tiyan! Hahahaha :)
*Introducing the 9TF with our very own nicknames*
Ana- Parang baby ng grupo. Abnormal, de joke lang. Eh basta, kapag nagsalita yan napapatawa niya kami. Happy feet yan eh :) Pero mabait yan :D *Paa*
Alianne - Maraming nagsasabi na prangka yan. Madaldal. Makulit. Pero magaling tumugtog ng piano and napaka-approachable :D *Boots*
Amiel -  Pinakasexy sa aming lahat. Hahahaha! ^__^v Magaling kumanta, kumuha ng litrato at kung ano ano pa! Pinakapalaban sa aming lahat ;) *Swiper*
Ayish - napaka-humble nito. Super down to Earth. Mwahaha! Pero makulet din yan! Crush na crush niya si Lee Min Ho. Bwahahaha! :D *Kilay*
Ann Camille - Magaling sumayaw, matangkad, mayaman... Pang beauty contest and peg mo atiii! :D *Dora*
Pyby- Napaka-talented. Magaling kumanta, sumayaw, umarte, mag-speech (mapa-debate pa yan atbp.) ikaw na ate! :) *Bajitos*
Patricia - Hindi ko alam kung sino ba sa aming dalawa ang mas corny. Hahahaha! Pero makulet yan. Habulin ng mga lalaki. Pero mas maliit yan kesa sa akin! Hahahaha :D *Pabo*
Zeid - Bestfriend ko yan. I mean, siya yung pinaka-close ko sa lahat. Mas marami kasi kaming similarities. Sabi nga nila magkamukha daw kami. Hahaha XD *Baba*
Ella - Wala ako ma-say sa sarili ko. Lol :P Ang alam ko lang, may magnet ang ulo ko sa kahit anong bola. Lagi ako natatamaan T_T Pinakacorny magjoke at iyakin sa grupo! Hahaha! Ang kabaliwan ko po ay nakakahawa. Pag ako tumawa, may hampas pang kasama! May mala-imbornal na beloy sa kanang pisngi. XD *Dimples*
Nabuo ang aming samahan nang dahil sa Chupa Chups na lollipop sa canteen. Hahahah XD
Similarities? Pare-parehas kaming maganda. Lol C:
Ang sarap talaga sa pakiramdam kapag magkakasama kami at kumpleto :D
"Laro tayo! :))" - Amiel
"Laro? As in now na?" -Ana
"Ayy hinde, Ney! Baka bukas -_-" -Alianne
Aruuuyyy. Ayan na naman sila! Bwahahah! Pag kayo binawian ni Ney, tignan ko lang! Hahahaha! XD
Dati ako lagi nabubully eh. :3 Charot :P
"Volleyball nalang!" -Alianne
"Wala tayong bola :P" -Ana
"Ayy sayang!"-Pat
"Saka kakakain lang natin noh, nakakapagod yun"-Pyby
"May Peyborit Prut na lang tayoooooo!" -Zeid
"Sige sige! Masaya yannnn! :)"-Sang-ayon naming lahat! Waaaaah :D
"My favorite fruit is Adamson, Adamson.... Anong pangalan ng pers lab mo?"
Natapat sa akin yung huling tapik ng palad.....
Siyempre naman, S! Hahahahaha. Alam naman nila yun e XD
Nak ng! Natapat na naman sa akin! :3 Number naman ngayon....
"15!" :)
Ayunnnnn! Napatapat kay Ann Camille!
"Yes or No?"
Napatapat sa aking yung huling tapik pagkaspell ng S. :(
"Paano ba yan, Lah! Bye bye! :P" -Amiel
"Uhhhhh :(" -sabi nung ibang mga bruhilda na ito. Ang lalakas talaga mang-asar! :3
"Tsk tsk" - yan na lang ang nasabi ko! Hahahaha! Okay lang yun! Buena mano! :|
Umalis na ako dun sa pagkakabilog naming magkakaibigan. hihintayin ko na lang sila matapos. Matira matibay! Hahahah XD
Hihintayin ko na lang hanggang sa malaman namin kung sino ang mag-uutos/tanong/parusa sa aming mga losers :( Hahahahah XD
"My peborit prut is Adamson, Adamson.... Anong pangalan ng pers lab mo?"
Habang nakaupo ako, di naman kalayuan sa kanila, napatingin ako dun sa mga nagkukumpulang mga lalaki dun sa soccer field. Hinahanap ko si (S)Steve :) Hahahaha! XD
Teka, bakit wala? :( Absent ba siya ngayon? Eh nakita ko siya kanina pagkadaan ko sa room nila eh :3
Iniscan muna ng aking mga mata ang mga tao sa field. Hahahahha! *Hanap hanap*
Yung iba mga nagppraktis na for cotillion sa darating na JS Prom.
Yayyyyyy! Nakaka-excite! First time ko kasing umattend sa prom kung tutuusin. :D
Yung mga contestants naman ng Mr. & Miss JS, nagrerehearse na sa stage.
Hayyyy! Iniimagine ko pa lang ang sarili kong sumali sa mga ganon, error na! Hahahaha! XD
Eh yung crush ko naman napakasikat sa university namin. Napakagaling niya kasi maglaro ng soccer. Gwapo na, gentleman pa! Marunong pa rumespeto sa mga babae. :"""))
Simula nung pumasok ako sa school na ito, siya yung unang nakakuha ng atensyon ko :">
Ayun nakita ko na siya! Kausap niya pala dun sa bench yung babaeng maganda boses. Sikat yun eh. Chorale member pa naman :D Eh yung boses ko sabog yung speaker eh :3 Tskkk.
Napaka-close naman nila... Me jealous T_T Para silang magjowa eh. Lol.
"Oy Ella! Nakatulala ka na naman! Tapos na kami oh!" -Zeid
Ayy sayang! Naudlot yung pag-eemote ko. Hahahaha!
"Sige po, nandyan na! :D"
Si Ana pala ang natira! Wow! Congrats! Hahahaha! Makakabawi na rin siya sa pang-aasar namin. :P
Deh ganun lang talaga kami magmahalan :D
"Ella, last ka na! Tutal ikaw naman ang unang na-out! :P Hahaha"-Ana
"Uki duki :D"
Ayan na nga, nagsimula na ang pagbibitay sa mga talunan. Lol
"Utos, tanong, parusa?"
Hahahaha! Karamihan puro utos. :D
Ang dadali lang naman kasi! Hahahaha! Gaya ng pagsigaw ng "Pahingi ng kaning tutong!" sa gitna ng field.
Wala ng hiya hiya! Yakang yaka yan! Hahahaha!
Hanggang sa it's my turn na.
Dugdug. Dugdug.
Bakit parang nakakakaba? :3
May binulong pa si Pyby kay Ana.
Nak nam! Baka mahirap yan! Baka kung ano ano itanong sa akin!
Pwes, utos ang pipiliin ko! Madali lang naman e. Hahahaha XD
"Utos, tanong, parusa?"
"UTOS" :)
"Wala ng bawian yan ah?"
"Siyempre!" sagot ko naman
Tapos nag-apir sila ni Pyby :C
"Dali! Game na! Para matapos na toh" Hahaha ang tagal eh XD
"O sige sige. Madali lang naman ang gagawin mo..
Tutal crush mo si Steve...
At kasama niya yung babaeng maganda at magaling kumanta,
Lumapit ka sa kanila...."
"Yun lang pala e.." :P
"Teka hindi pa tapos :P Lumapit ka sa kanila....
At sabihin mo dun sa babae na ikaw ang girlfriend niya :D"
Choga naman. Huhuh :(
"Eh diba dapat walang KJ? :P Saka ikaw pumili ng utos noh!"
"Edi tanong na lang!"
"Hindi pwede :P"
"Eh paano kapag ayoko?"
"Ibig sabihin nun, walang kwenta ang 9TF para sayo :("
"Go na Lahhhh! Nandito naman kami eh. Susuportahan ka namin. Kami na rin ang mag-eexplain sa kanila na dare lang yan pagkatapos. Promiseeee :)))" -Kantyaw nila...
"Sige na nga, wala naman na masyadong maraming tao e. Basta suportahan niyo ako ah! Pagkakataon ko rin toh na makalapit sa kanya! Hahahaha" Nilakasan ko na lang ang loob ko. Kaya ko yan! AJA!
Hahahahaha! Sa pagkakaalam ko, close friend lang naman niya yung babae na yun. (Yvonne ata yung name) XD
Lord, gabayan niyo po ako O:) Nyahahaha :D
*Moment Of Truth*
Ayan na. Malapit na ako sa kanila.
Para bang nawala lahat ng hiya sa katawan ko. At eto na lang ang nasabi ko.
"Oy Steve, my loves! Nandito ka lang pala. Kanina pa kita hinahanap ah? Hi ate Yvonne! Kamusta po? *O*" Saka umupo ako katabi ni Steve.
"Grabe ka naman Steve! Nagpapatulong ka pa sa pagconfess mo ng feelings para kay Ella eh kayo naman na pala! Sige, una na ako ha. Baka nakakaistorbo! Hahaha ♥♥♥"
Waaaaaaahhhh! Am I dreaming? Napatingin ako sa mga kaibigan kong mga baliw.
Ayun, vine-videohan pala ako! Waaaaah! Nakakahiya O___O
Saka ano yung sinabi ni ate Yvonne? :3 
Waaaah! Help! Di ko na kaya!
"Ah eh, Steve. Sorry ah. Dare lang kasi yun."
Nakakahiya! Wala na akong mukha maihaharap! Aalis na nga ako dito!
"Teka lang!" - Steve
"Sorry na nga po, diba?" -medyo nakakahiyang nakakainis naaa. Sana naman huwag mag-iba ang tingin niya sa akin :3
"Ella, ahm.."
"Huh?" :O
"Pwede ba kitang maging date sa JS Prom?
Huh? Nananaginip ba talaga ako? O totoo yung mga narinig ko kanina? :3
Feeling ko parang mansanas na ang mukha ko sa sobrang pula >/////<
"Ayyyyiiieeee! ♥" -9TF
*The End*

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